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Why 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney Is Everywhere This Year

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How Long Does It Take to Settle an 18 Wheeler Lawsuit?

The time needed to settle a trucking accident case varies from case to case. There are a number of variables that can affect the timeline of settlement.

It can take several months to determine who is responsible for an accident. An attorney can help identify all the liable parties and maximize the amount you receive.

What to Expect

The timeline for a settlement in an 18 wheeler lawsuit is contingent on a variety of factors including the amount of liability and damages. The case can be delayed if the parties in the collision cannot agree on fault. If there is disagreement about the evidence or testimony of witnesses, this may delay the case.

Settlement amounts can differ greatly dependent on the severity of injuries, the insurance policy of the trucking company and the federal or state regulations that regulate commercial vehicles. It is important to keep in mind that plaintiff attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means they don't get paid until they win or reach a settlement in the case.

It's not surprising that semi-truck accident cases are a huge business for lawyers. Settlements can reach millions of dollars in these cases. This is especially true if the trucking company is declared to be negligent.


In the United States, there are more than 100,000 accidents each year that involve 18-wheelers. A lot of these truck accidents cause serious injuries and even death. Insurance companies tend to undervalue the injuries and damages of victims in these accidents. However, a good 18 wheeler accident attorney can level the playing field and negotiate with these huge insurance companies in order to obtain their clients maximum settlements.

The defendants in a case involving an 18 wheeler may be held liable for various damages, such as economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages could include medical bills, lost wages and future earnings. Other damages include emotional distress, disfigurement, and diminished quality of life.

Attorneys who represent plaintiffs in 18 wheeler lawyers wheeler cases are compensated on a contingency basis. This means that they do not receive compensation until their case is won and they agree to a settlement with their client. In the meantime, they need to pay for court fees, take depositions, hire experts and other experts, travel and pay for any other expenses associated with winning a case.


18-wheeler accidents can lead to serious injuries, 18 wheeler accident attorney particularly if they occur at a high speed. The effects of an 18-wheeler collision can be more severe because of its size and weight. This means that damages can be greater as well.

In addition to the medical and property damages that can result from a 18-wheeler crash, victims may be able to claim compensation for the loss of wages and grief that is caused by the loss of loved ones. If you have experienced loss as a result of a semi truck accident an attorney for personal injury can assist you in determining all of the compensation that you could be entitled receive.

Legal proceedings can be costly. Attorneys representing plaintiffs need to pay for travel, depositions expert witnesses and court costs. They need the money of their clients as quick as possible. There are many ways that plaintiffs can get their money faster after a settlement. These are called post settlement advances, lawsuit loans, or settlement cash advances. They are a great choice for those who have suffered injuries and need to cover their expenses while they await their settlement.


There are a variety of factors that contribute to how long it takes to settle a truck accident case. The severity of your injuries is an important factor. It is best to wait until your medical condition has improved to the maximum before making a decision on settlement. You may be able claim future losses, for example, lost wages or the lower quality of living. Your attorney will need to provide evidence to support your claims.

A dispute between the parties regarding damages or liability can also prolong the settlement process. This is often the case when multiple insurance companies are involved, or the parties do not agree on who was at fault.

A reputable truck accident lawyer can help you determine whether the insurance company is offering an appropriate amount for your case and whether or not it will take care of all your future and current losses. If the insurance company is not willing to negotiate, you could have to file a lawsuit which could extend the time frame of the case. In some instances it may take an entire year or more to finish the case.


There are many things that can significantly lengthen the time required for an 18-wheeler lawyer lawsuit to reach a settlement. The severity of the injuries and insurance considerations are two of the factors that could affect the timeframe. It could take some time for 18 wheeler accident attorney your doctor's documentation to reveal permanent impairments that could affect the future loss you suffer. It is crucial to not settle your claim for an accident in a hurry, as it may result in you not receiving the funds you're entitled to for the full extent of your injuries.

Attorneys who represent plaintiffs in 18 wheeler lawyer-wheeler accidents are compensated on a contingency fee basis and are not paid until they prevail or reach an agreement. This means they have to invest their own money to pay for expenses for travel, court costs and expert witness costs all during the this case.

As you can imagine, this could add up to a lot. Many 18 wheeler plaintiff attorneys make use of post-settlement advances (also known as settlement cash advances) to offset the legal costs they incur out of pocket to be able to collect the money they're owed sooner.

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